SKOP_E4C_YC-Logo_75Between 17 and 21 April 2017, Malta’s Development NGO Platform SKOP brought together 30 youths from Malta and all other Mediterranean countries for a unique live-in experience to explore and debate key issues about sustainable development, such as climate change and migration.

In particular, the Youth Camp focused on developing a formal statement on youth perspectives on these issues and on the role and responsibilities of young people in moving the agenda onwards. The geographical and vocational diversity of participants was designed to bring a range of experiences and perspectives to the conversation and its outcomes.

Interactive workshops and other activities were facilitated by Colm Regan, a development educator and co-author of “80:20 – Development in an Unequal World”.  He was supported by Anas Ansar from Bangladesh, who is an active youth networker with a focus on migration and children’s rights.

The event ended with in a conference in which youths delivered their messages to Maltese and international policy and decision-makers.