“E4SDGs – A Children’s E-Book about the SDGs” seeks to promote development education and raise awareness about the SDGs with school children, by means of an illustrated e-book for Maltese primary school children about the SDGs.

Between October 2016 and March 2017, in collaboration with professional storywriters and illustration artists, SKOP has developed three eBooks for school children attending Years 4, 5 and 6.

These age groups have been chosen as they will be making use of tablets in the coming scholastic years. The e-books explain the 17 SDGs and Agenda 2030 in a child-friendly and exciting way through the use of illustration and messaging in accessible language for the age group.

SKOP is working closely with Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) in order to ensure that the e-books meet the required standards in terms of literacy and Development Education content.

The high-quality e-books are being disseminated free of charge to teachers, educators, schools and students. Furthermore, they are also made available in a non-formal educational setting such as after school clubs and the Scout Movement.

These audio-visual educational materials – in ePub, PDF and MP3 formats – can be downloaded free of charge:

eBooks bil-Malti

English eBooks

x-default“E4SDGs – A Children’s E-Book about the SDGs” is financed thanks to FOPSIM, a Maltese NGO, by means of a sub-grant entitled “EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT PILOT PROJECTS IN RURAL AREAS, 2016” and financed by the European Commission.

SKOP would like to thank FOPSIM and the European Commission for the support in realising this project.