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The project “E4C – Educating for change: Capitalising on the EU Presidency in Malta to raise awareness on Agenda 2030” seeks to promote development education and raise awareness on development and cooperation policies by implementing a comprehensive capacity building programme to assist and support relevant national and local government representatives, civil society organisations in Malta and other members of the general publicE_2016_SDG_Poster_all_sizes_without_UN_emblem_Letter

The re-granting scheme which will prioritise projects that will be effective in fostering awareness and critical understanding of the interconnectedness of development issues and the relevance of SDGs at local and global level, using innovative approaches that will engage the final beneficiaries of the re-granted projects in global issues.

The capacity building programme will look at strengthening:

  1. the internal structure and governance of NGOs;
  2. the ability of NGOs to communicate global issues in particular the SDGs to diverse audiences using innovative methodologies;
  3. the ability of NGOs to maintain their action in a sustainable way, to develop their resource base including fundraising, membership and volunteers.

This project aims to raise public awareness, in particular that of young people on development, whilst promoting a holistic and innovative approach to DEAR. Through focusing on building awareness and understanding of the relevance of the SDGs to Malta this project will anchor development in the daily reality of the general population and policy makers as well as CSOs in Malta.

It will contribute to ensuring that all target groups build their knowledge and are mobilised to take action to ensure a decent life for all. Through its interactive, hands-on approach, it will enable the critical understanding of the fact that the situation of populations in developing countries is interdependent with our own. We will promote global responsibility to contribute to the eradication of poverty.

Through profiting from the EU Presidency, SKOP will be able to open dialogue and influence policy makers to ensure effective policies for development education and development cooperation and in view of the fact that development cooperation and the interconnected topic of migration, specifically irregular migration, forced migration and asylum, are declared priority policy areas of Malta for its Presidency.

Malta has over the past decades played a crucial role in bridging the divide between the Global North and South, in which forced migration is both to be understood as a consequence of failed development and as an inevitable reality challenging both asylum seekers and the European southern shores’ populations, including that of Malta. The Presidency, and related to it this project, will place emphasis on the mobilisation of all relevant stakeholders in contributing to Agenda 2030’s aims through enhanced DEAR activities.

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