Peace Lab LogoThe Peace Lab (John XXII Peace Laboratory) is a voluntary organisation which has remained active for well over 30 years.  It runs an extensive adult education programme through various radio programmes and newspapers.  Its founder and director is Fr. Dionysius Mintoff, who is still active in his 70’s. The premises are located in Hal-Far, across the road from Lyster Barracks, and near the closed and open centres for irregular migrants. Since 2002, the Peace Lab has hosted migrants in its grounds – initially 20, but now around 50, all adult males. Starting in 2006 weekly medical clinics have been organised not only in the Peace Lab premises, but also in the Hal-Far Tent Village, and the two OiwasCentres in Hal-Far.  An internet cafe’ was opened in 2009. Among other activities, the PeaceLab organises the annual John XXII Gold Medal. Since 1966, this has been given to children in Malta and Gozo who have shown