The people for change Foundation logoThe People for Change Foundation was set up with the express aim of contributing to a multilateral process between a range of stakeholders and entities – governmental, non-governmental and academic – to conduct research in areas of direct relevance to the livelihood and quality of life of the populations we work with and for, and to address human rights concerns by working towards the safeguarding of international and national legal obligations and development.

The People for Change Foundation’s vision is of a just, fair and inclusive society where all members may reach their full potential unhindered by factors such as age, race, colour, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national origin, property, birth or other status. Since 2007, we have been conducting on-the-ground legal and policy research in Malta in the fields of migration, asylum and racism in the European Union. We also work in the areas of children’s rights and development and humanitarian aid, expanding these areas starting in 2013.

The Foundation operates at the intersection between law, policy and social science, delivering analysis that is practical in input and pragmatic in outcome.