Mission Fund LogoMission Fund is a lay Catholic organization set up with the aim of assisting all Maltese missionaries. It is registered as a philanthropic organisation with the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector in conformity with the Voluntary Organisations Act, 2007 (Reg No: VO/0015). At present about 170 missionaries in 40 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe receive regular donations of €2,000 on a roster basis, while the eight Maltese Bishops in Kenya, Brazil, Honduras, Libya and Albania each receive €4,000. Maltese missionaries use these donations to build schools, clinics and shelters for the homeless, to buy medicines, pay hospital fees and maintain vaccination programmes, and to better the lives of so many persons living below the poverty line. In addition, every year a group of Mission Fund volunteers proceed abroad to help in the construction of a project in a missionary country. The projects carried out so far include the building of schools, hospitals, biogas plants, fish farm, parish centres and digging of boreholes.