KOPIN LogoKopin (KoperazzjoniInternazzjonali- Malta) is a voluntary, autonomous, non-profit and non-governmental organisation working in international development cooperation, global education and refugee support.

Launched on 24 June, 2000, Kopin is not bound to any other organisation but it has good relations with a number of organisations and networks locally and abroad. Ever since its foundation, a main aim of Kopin is to promote networking with other NGOs in order to share experiences and expertise with a focus on sustainable development cooperation and human rights.

Kopin actively engages in CONCORD (www.concordeurope.org) and SKOP working groups, has been an active partner of the first four phases of the TRIALOG project (www.trialog.or.at) and is the local partner of the Terre des Hommes International Federation (www.terredeshommes.org). Moreover, the organisation acts as the Maltese Focal Point for Social Watch (www.socialwatch.org).

The organisation envisions a global and inclusive society where citizens are equally empowered to contribute to a world free of poverty and any other forms of injustice.

Its Mission is to contribute actively to the alleviation of global poverty and social injustice by:

– Engaging in sustainable projects together with partners from the majority world,

– Providing services to vulnerable populations in Malta with a particular focus on migrant children,

– Promoting and providing development education and increasing public awareness to sensitise and mobilise citizens to participate in the development debate,

– Building capacities of its members and its partners,

– Monitoring political processes and engaging in policy dialogue with decision makers to influence the debate on Maltese and European policies related to development, migration and child’s rights.

In its efforts, Kopin adopts a human rights based approach; the organisation exchanges ideas and experiences with local, European and global partners and seeks to be innovative by identifying neglected areas of concern.

Kopin has a membership of 17 persons, seven of which are employed by the organisation on a full-time or part-time basis. It has a Board of five members, whilst the other members are either volunteers or interns. The members of Kopin bring about a vast range of expertise and experience in human rights related fields and beyond, including political and other social sciences, communication, project management, social work and education.