Dar Merhba Bik Logo

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd had been looking after girls and women in difficulty ever since the congregation came to Malta in 1858.  As times changed, bringing different ways of living in the community, it was decided to convert the Good Shepherd farmhouse into a shelter for abused women.  The Sisters were realizing that the problem of Domestic Violence was a social problem that needed to be tackled immediately and with serious care.  Extensive renovations were carried out on the former farmhouse and Dar Merhbabik was opened in 1981.  The mission statement focuses on the mission of reconciliation entrusted to the Sisters by the Church.  That is, our relationship with those we meet is hoped to be a means of encountering the healing touch of Jesus the Good Shepherd, to help the person regain her sense of dignity and self-worth that may have been damaged by the hate experienced in Domestic Violence.

Dar Merhba Bik offers shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children and to help them establish a way of life which best meets their needs and which best helps them to develop their potential.